It all started in the aftermath of the dreadful Rwanda genocide in December 1999 when Venuste Kubimwana lost his mother, the only parent he was left with. Venuste was born in Southern Province of Rwanda, a rural area stricken with poverty. He was raised in a poor family with his seven siblings. During the 1994 genocide, Venuste lost almost everyone in his family making it even more difficult for him to meet his daily needs. Things got worse in 1999 when he lost his mother. He was only a 14 year old high school student at the time, and he was forced to search for a job to meet basic needs for him and his siblings but nobody would give him a stable job because he was still a child, and he wasn't from an influential family. The frustrations Venuste went through balancing school life, working to pay school fees and supporting his siblings gave him passion to create opportunities for fellow young people. That is when the dream to create a youth system that would provide jobs, offer opportunities to grow and contribute to individual and sustainable development of our communities was born in Venuste's mind. Since then that dream influenced his choices and dictated his life path. The below issues were inspired by Venuste's personal experience and are practised throughout International Transformation Foundation as cornerstone:

Education for sustainable (Community) development

Youth Empowerment